Good Old Fashioned Business

Good Old Fashioned Business was a project I made in a week for 11th Grade US History class. I was in a team of 4 people and on the day we had set to shoot the project nobody showed up. Brian ended up coming over right before sunset and we rushed to get as much footage as possible in 10 minutes. A few days later with the help of my dad Brian and I filmed the headsplosion scene. We had two cameras positioned at an angle where my father wasn’t in shot and we had a cantaloupe positioned on top of a stick that was filled with KY Jelly and Styrofoam. My dad was to the left of me with a shotgun and simply pulled the trigger at the same time I did. I later digitally added in the coat behind the cantaloupe which looks pretty horrible if you look closely. I also made a nasty looking stump in Photoshop that I used as the spine sticking out after the wonderful headsplosion.

Author: Steinblogger

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